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RAP4 is proud to celebrate your victories with a bold new contest and an awesome prize. Show the world your best action photo via our Facebook contest page, and while you're visiting, take a look through the awesome photos posted by other RAP4 players around the world. "Like" us on Facebook, then vote for the pics that grab you...and check back frequently to see how your photos fare. The picture with the most points when we close the contest on July 15th at 11:59pm will win!

The winner will receive an exclusive, clear set of RAP4 Hawkeye Goggles! These goggles cannot be purchased in stores or anywhere online...they can only be earned by winning one of our contests. That way, you'll be the only person at your field with a pair of these unique goggles. Everywhere you play, people will ask about your gear, and recognize your accomplishment.

But you've got to earn it.

So when you hit the field with your T68 or Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kit this weekend, bring along your camera. Capture your opponents throwing their hands up as a RAP4 Landmine detonates at their feet, or the splash of color left on your opponents' goggles as you take them out with one-shot eliminations. Show us what you've got, artistically and tactically, and we'll reward the best paintball photographer with those clear Hawkeye Goggles!

Here are a few of the rules: Photos must be submitted in JPEG, GIF or PNG format and cannot exceed 8 MB in size. All online entries must be received by 07/15/2012 at 11:59pm PST to be considered. All photos are subject to approval by RAP4 Staff.

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Weapon of the Week T68 KILO4 Paintball Marker
T68 KILO4 Magazine Fed Paintball Marker
*Weapon of the Week* T68 15-22 Paintball Marker
T68 15-22 Paintball Marker
Weapon of the week Wanted
T68 Wanted Magazine Fed Paintball Gun
RAP4 Grunge T-Shirt
RAP4 Grunge T-Shirt
SKU: 015304
Weapon of the week Jackal
Weapon of the week Jackal
SKU: 015300
Quick Flip Red/Green Scope
 Quick Flip Red/Green Scope
SKU: 015270
Micro Sight With Red/Green Dot
Micro Sight With Red/Green Dot
SKU: 015269
Dagger Reflex Sight
Dagger Reflex Sight
SKU: 015268
Holotech Sight
Holotech Sight
SKU: 015267

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