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What do I do when my order is missing items? Date: Thursday 18 April, 2013

 If it appears that your order is missing items please take the following steps to ensure they are missing.

  • Check your Tracking information, sometime orders are shipped in two boxes and may have been seperated from each other durring shipping. If this is the case your items will arrive once the second package does.
  • Check in your packaging, Small items can be hard to see in the packaging some times.
    (small items such as orings, screw, and nuts may be put into a baggy together to prevent them from getting lost)
  • Check your order online and see if any of the items are listed as backordered. 

If you are not able to locate your items still Please follow the below steps and we will begin looking into the matter:

  1. Log into your account, go to the order and click on the Red Return link that is located next to the item(s) Missing.
  2. Follow our RMA processes and provide all information requested within the form.
  3. A Representative from our RMA department will get in touch with you after this is filed and we will begin our investigation

Be sure to save all boxes and packaging that the items arrived in. We will need to see pictures of the packaging as part of our investigation


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