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How do I adjust my T68 Gen7 velocity? Date: Thursday 18 April, 2013

 On the T68 Gen 7 there are two different points where your velocity can be adjusted.

The first is located on the back of the marker. In order to adjust the velocity on this point you may need to remove the buttstock guide pin if you are using a 5oz CO2 tank or 13ci Tank and stock setup. Once you hace access to that point you will need an allen key to adjust the velocity. 

  • To increase velocity turn the screw to the right
  • To reduce velocity turn the screw to the left

The Second location is on the right side of your marker within the shell deflector. To adjust the velocty at this point simply insert an allen key into the hole in the shell deflector. This velocity adjustment point restricts airflow and the adjust ments for it are as follows:

  • To increase velocty turn to the left
  • To decrease velocity turn to the right

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