RAP4 Partners

Real Action Paintball Partners

Real Action Paintball and Awareness Protective Consultants LLC are pleased to announce the new tactical partnership in helping law enforcement officers enhance their tactical intelligence during force-on-force encounters. This team brings to you the ultimate force-on-force instructor training course designed for better development of end user use of force alternatives. Incorporating Real Action Paintball marking cartridges and Air Soft weapon training systems, this training course will enhance mental and physical tactical skills while at the same time developing your educational awareness on agency's use of force policies and theory behind controlled force options. This training program will make future instructors work with the Real Action Marker and Air Soft systems safely and more importantly, create safe but "real time" training scenarios that will be consistent with that of the active shooter, ambush style entries, terrorism active shooter assaults, improvised devices observations, physical unarmed assailant confrontations to basic entry and target acquisitions. Simulator devices can only stimulate the mind and body to a certain extent and while it is an excellent training tool, more "real time" training is needed for use-of-force training. Remember, good training should hurt but never injure! For more information contact Jose Medina at 732-878-0701 or email medina@apcsecurities.net 

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce a partnership with the Paintball Training Institute (PTI) to offer RAP4 and RAP5 Master Airsmith Certification classes. Starting in April 2006, PTI will include two of the most popular products of Real Action Paintball in its curriculum. The new PTI certification class will encompass the complete break-down of RAP4 and RAP5 paintball markers, including making proper adjustments, understanding maintenance requirements, and how to completely rebuild the marker core. For training information, call 800-541-9169, or visit www.paintball-pti.com online for details. 

Real Action Paintball is also a proud partner with DogsofWarOne.com. DogsofWarOne.com maintains servers and hosts online PC game playing of Call of Duty and Call of Duty World at War. Our servers are “family friendly” and provide a fun and respectful corner of cyberspace to enjoy these exciting World War II simulator games. The DogsofWarOne.com promotes good online sportsmanship, mutual respect for all players and is dedicated as a tribute to our armed forces. Come visit DogsofWarOne.com and experience the excitement World War II combat