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R.A.P. AIR™ Instructor Certification program

The benefits of obtaining the R.A.P. AIR ™ Instructor or Basic certifications have endless possibilities. Our training systems and philosophy are always geared for the end-user in mind. The importance of having a good force-on-force training system incorporated into your agency training program should be a priority to all law enforcement, military and security training fields. Once students have a basic set of firearms skills, the emphasis of their firearms training should be on force-on-force exercises against other students, where the basic skills are used under stress. Our training concepts can take multiple live-fire drills and convert them to a force-on-force exercise replacing static targets with role players that provide realistic target movement as well as return fire. In addition to this, future instructors and end-users will benefit from our Stress Enhanced Training Systems (S.E.T.S™) where we implement multiple versions of our tactical training principles. Understand that many of the current force-on-force weapon training systems out there call for conversions of the duty weapon or tactical weapons. While this may be a great tool in the conversion method of training, the simplicity of the R.A.P. AIR™ Systems gives the end-users the true feel of their weapons while at the same time not having to worry about suddenly getting called to a hostile event and having to change over the weapons from the conversion kits.

Courses: Our certification courses are designed to be user friendly and safety orientated. Our courses are also geared towards educating the future instructors and end-users in responding to stress enhanced environments. The following is a list of criteria and capabilities upon completing our instructor courses and our basic certification courses:

Instructor Certification Program: The R.A.P. AIR™ Instructor Certification program is a participatory 30-hour seminar. With this in mind, instructors must pass a written examination, a physical performance test of weapons handling, weapons familiarization and a brief teaching skills evaluation. In addition to this, instructors will be required to complete numerous evolution exercises. R.A.P. AIR™ Instructor status gives authorization for instructors to conduct
 R.A.P. AIR™ Force-On-Force basic certification programs. This does not imply that instructors are certified to conduct R.A.P. AIR™ Instructor Certification programs. Only a R.A.P. AIR™ Trainer who has been certified and authorized by Awareness Protective Consultants LLC can conduct the R.A.P. AIR™ Instructor Certification course. To maintain certification, instructors must be actively involved in conducting R.A.P. AIR™ training programs. Recertification for instructors is available through attendance at another R.A.P. AIR™ Instructor course or an Instructor Update course. Understand that as training systems evolve so does technology in weapon training systems.

3-Day Instructor courses

Upon successful completion of the 3-day course, the future instructor will be authorized to conduct the following training:

  1. Force-On-Force live training scenarios to your respective police, military and security agencies.
  2. Teach familiarization of the weapon training systems consisting of Real Action Paintball Inc. and Air Soft products only and how they work in the training arena to police, military and security agencies
  3. Force-on-force training in police academies as a R.A.P. AIR™ certified instructor where accepted in your state training academies.
  4. Authorized to conduct force-on-force training as a supplementary training aid to your agency's respective use of force policy, firearms training programs, as well as your state mandated use-of-force policies.
  5. Authorized and certified "to" apply tactical applications to current training programs for your agency utilizing the multiple tactical techniques conducted in the class
  6. Evaluate and document end-user training methods and give proper recommendations on tactical movement and training skills during "a" force-on-force scenario encounters.
  7. Upon written approval from both Awareness Protective Consultants LLC and Real Action Paintball Inc., any commercial use of the R.A.P. AIR™ system will be allowed with copies of future training programs being reviewed by the Awareness Protective Consultants LLC training staff prior to commencing your training program. (Contact Awareness Protective Consultants LLC and Real Action Paintball Inc. for more details.

What you will receive upon successful completion of the R.A.P. AIR™ Instructor Course:

What you will receive upon completion of the R.A.P. AIR™ Weekend Warrior 2-Day Certification Course:

What we require from you in any of our training:

Due to the extreme nature of security in our world today, we only expect that legitimate paintball and force-on-force trainers to attend our training seminars and courses. We will require the proper identification of each participant and a brief history of your background and what you hope to obtain from our training. The protection of enhanced training techniques is critical in this day and age and staff from Real Action Paintball Inc. and Awareness Protective Consultants LLC has the right to deny any potential trainers any courses if we feel a potential threat to our program or our society may be imminent.

What we bring to you: A dedicated staff of trainers and developers who believe in little or no down time, intensity and reality based training.

For more information contact Real Action Paintball at www.rap4.com or Awareness Protective Consultants LLC at www.apcsecurities.net.