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RAP4 Training Weapon

R.A.P. AIR™ courses incorporates the S.E.T.S ™  system as part of our instructor and end-user courses. Unlike some of the other training systems, the Real Action Paintball Inc. and Air Soft products are very easy to use and do not require the changing of any duty weapon parts prior to training. The cost effectiveness blends in well with helping agencies maintain an efficient budget with this system.

The safety factor is a major plus with these systems given the fact that you can be training with the R.A.P. AIR™  program and if a situation arises, you can simply secure the weapon training systems and immediately grab your true weapons without having to change a thing. This will make for a safer and easier training environment.

The versatility of these systems helps us to develop not just law enforcement trainers but also well-trained military operators, executive protection agents and security specialists. Firearm ranges are hard to come by, and having these systems in place will help the "tactical intelligence" increase in each and every potential instructor and end-user.