RAP4 Affiliate Program FAQ

RAP4 Affiliate Program, It Pays!

Q. : Can I signup to your Affiliate Program and refer myself?
A. : Yes, you can.

Q. : Can I get credit by referring through email?
A. : Yes, as long it is not SPAM

Q. : Can I send unsolicited emails?
A. : No, and absolutely NO! if we get any reports of this activity your account will be immediately cancelled and all your referrer fees will be voided.

Q. : Does it cost me anything to join?
A. :  NO! Joining our Affiliate program is free and is virtually risk free. You invest only the time it takes to create the links to our site and immediately begin earning commissions from any sales activity they generate. 

Q. : Can I use my credits for RAP4 products ?
A. :  Yes! Absolutely.

Q. : What is the RAP4 affiliate program?
A. : Our affiliate program enables people like you to make additional monthly income from your web site.

Q. : Why should I join the RAP4 affiliate program?
A. : As a RAP4 affiliate you can offer your visitors the world's best deal in RAP4 products. The program is the easiest and fastest way to add value to your web site, and receive a monthly income for yourself.

Q. : How do I know how much commission I have earned?
A. : You will be issued a user name and password, which allows you to log into a reporting site, through this site, you will be able to view your earnings each day. 

Q. : Can I receive affiliate commission from a wholesale order or drop-ship order?
A. : No, wholesale orders, drop-ship orders, or discounted orders are not eligible for any commission.

Q. : Can a web site outside the United States be a RAP4 affiliate?
A. : Yes, we have affiliates worldwide.

Q. : If I have a wholesale account or drop-shipping dealer account with RAP4, can I apply for RAP4 Affiliate Program?
A. : No, RAP4 wholesale account holders or drop-shipping dealers are not eligible for RAP4 Affiliate Program.

Q. : Who should I ask if I have any additional questions about the RAP4 Affiliate Program?
A. : Please send an email to our affiliate division. Click here, and we will respond to your question as soon as possible.

Q. : How am I paid and how often?
A: The base commission rate is 10% of the total sale. Each banner or text link allows you to accumulate commissions in this way. On an ongoing basis we review affiliate accounts to see how they are performing. You will receive payment through at the end of each quarter (3 months) where you have accrued at least $85.00 in commissions. If a total of $85.00 due to you has not been reached we will hold those commissions until the total amount is at least $85.00 and pay you at the next payout period.

Q. : How does your reporting system work?
A. : Our web site and shopping cart systems identify all customer entrances that use Affiliate links. Every time a visitor from your site clicks on your link to RAP4, we record information about this event. This information includes the date a click-through occurred, and all information regarding any completed sales transactions. We will supply you with relevant sales information in real-time.


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