AG1 Air Regulator

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The most effective way to increase your accuracy is to stabilize your velocity, so that each ball flies at the exact same speed. The AG1 Air Regulator does an extraordinary job of standardizing your velocities, by way of steadying the air pressure into your marker. It acts like a second regulator for your tank, and evens out the pressure spikes and troughs to give you consistent velocity...and consistent shots. This improves the marker’s cycling rate and reliability as well!

Barely the size of a gas-through fore grip, the AG1 Air Regulator is light and compact; it actually fits into your hand. The AG1 Air Regulator is extremely versatile and can be adapted to any paintball marker. The AG1 Air Regulator is a high performance regulator system and is a fantastic upgrade for all paintball markers—the first step toward enhancing performance, reliability, and accuracy.

The AG1 Air Regulator is easy to use, with no tools or extensive installation required. Thread it into your ASA, attach your CO2 or HPA tank to the other end, and you’re good to go. The patented design can also be adapted to paintball markers with a remote line system, such as many models of the T68 and Tacamo markers. The AG1 Air Regulator can be connected directly to the air tank, with your remote line connected to the front of the AG1 Air Regulator, to provide outstanding performance!





The AG1 Air Regulator is light and compact, and can be connected to all paintball markers.

The AG1 Air Regulator works with a remote line to boost your marker’s performance.


The AG1 Air Regulator can also be installed in the collapsible buttstock of RAP4 and T68 markers.
The AG1 can be used to reduce XPower and other markers’ velocities to below 300fps so they may be used at public paintball fields.


Key Features:

- Works with all paintball markers
- Fully adjustable air pressure
- Can be used with remote line system
- Plug-and-play installation
- Drastically increases air efficiency



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