RAP4 Upgrade to LE

RAP4 LE Upgrade Kit

Upgrade from version 4 to LE package includes:
1. LE core with all the upgrades. This is a whole new LE core, you don't have to replace any internal parts, just plug and play.

2. LE copper lined barrel to increase velocity. This is a whole barrel with the barrel mount, sleeves, front sight and even the L-Sling mount , again just plug and play.

3. Rubber grommet for sealing the chamber and prevent the ball from rolling out. This is installed on the barrel already and is ready to go.This upgrade kit is designed for quick and easy installation with no mess and no stress!!!


The 3.5oz Elite Cylinder designed for compact use and compatible with all paintball systems. Its versatile shape and size can deceive the eyes, this tank can yield over 300 shots with the T16 and T68 M203 system. Has a standard thread and will fit into any paintball marker.

T68 M203 paintball marker with 3.5oz tank: 300 shots

RAP4 A1 paintball marker with 3.5oz tank: 500 shots

Tippmann 98 paintball marker with 3.5oz tank: 300 shots

Tippman A5 paintball marker with 3.5oz tank: 250 shots


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