RAP4 Tippmann Series Markers

Tippmann series markers

RAP4 is proud to release the Tippmann series markers - the most widely used sub-machine gun in the world! Now you can turn your Tippmann marker into the ultimate SWAT marker for the most realistic paintball game ever.

Each unit is built from an authentic Tippmann A5, with all metal parts such as: folding stock, handguard kit and detachable magazine kit. Each one then gets a standard Weaver flat top rail system, with which you can mount virtually any military spec scope, lights, and sights. The Tippmann series also comes with an optional electronic trigger system for selective firing modes: semi, automatic, and burst.

Already own a Tippmann marker? Get a conversion kit now! The kit is easy to install, and you can turn your Tippmann into the ultimate scenario marker in no time. Check out RAP4's body kits, and our full line of accessories at http://rap4.com/store/paintball

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