NEW Paintball Slingshot and Tactical Ten Paintball Vest Pattern

NEW Paintball Slingshot

This RAP4 paintball sling is perfect for stealth play, just load a ball in-pull back and let go-watch the paintball fly and splat on the target. This paintball slingshot is ideal as backup when your marker is out of air.

NEW Tactical Ten Paintball Vest Patterns

The vest is designed to be highly versatile, and thus adaptable for various different tactical roles such as: sniper, heavy gunner, light rifleman, and commander. Each and every pouch is interchangeable and allows the user to configure the vest to their tactical role, their style of play, and the demands of that particular scenario.

The Tactical Ten Paintball Vest can be configured for heavy gunners who need to carry more than 2000 paintballs - that's more than a case - all the way down in weight to commanders who only carry paintball pistols and paint grenades.


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