Land Warrior II Law Enforcement

RAP4 is proud to introduce the premier rough-duty digital video recorder: the Land Warrior II. Designed for evidence collection, crime scene cataloging and reporting, and exceptional service to Field Training Officers, the Land Warrior
II is ready to serve in a variety of situations.

The Land Warrior II is light, compact, and weather-resistant. You can record 30 frames per second of video at 720x480 resolution, with full audio, for up to three continuous hours per rechargeable battery (included, along with the
recharger). Use interchangeable SD cards up to 16gb to record an entire shift...but you don't have to record continuously, because the intuitive control buttons on the Land Warrior II let you record, pause, and even play video back on
the built-in TFT screen, without even looking at the buttons.

For cataloging a crime scene, interviewing witnesses, or recording suspicious activity for analysis later, nothing beats the convenience of the handheld Land Warrior II. Completely wireless and self-contained, it can run for hours and
ride in an accessory pouch on your belt.

But the Land Warrior II truly shines when mounted on your duty equipment. Each Land Warrior II ships with and RIS rail interface so you can mount the recorder directly onto your duty carbine, shotgun, or other firearm with RIS rails. A
different, included attachment allows you to mount the Land Warrior II to the handlebars of a patrol bicycle, ATV, or motorcycle, or the wide barrel of a firearm that lacks RIS rails. This enables you to have video incident reporting for
motorcycle and bike patrol stops, without occupying your hands or weighing down your equipment. Switch on the recorder, and go about your business - you'll make a great video for evidence or after action reviews.

The Land Warrior II even attaches to helmets for hands-free operation in tactical situations, or while conducting search and rescue work, via the included helmet strap.

Field Training Officers can create your own training videos by recording various real encounters or reenactments to show your students. Pause the tape and advance frame by frame as your officers make decisions based on real-world events.

The excellent video and audio captured by the Land Warrior II is ready to be entered into evidence, and can be played directly from the recorder via the included TV cable...or, download the files first to your computer via the included
USB cable, and edit them for a professional presentation.

Whether surveying a crime scene, interviewing a suspect, or recording a use-of-force encounter with the camera onboard your carbine, the RAP4 Land Warrior II is ready to serve and protect - you.


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