RAP4 [468] Upper/Lower Receiver Options

Head to the range with Patrick to see how easy it is to swap upper receivers on the fly when you’re shooting a 468.

The M4/AR-15 platform is famous for its ease of customization, and the way in which the upper and lower receivers quickly separate for cleaning, maintenance...and to swap mission-adapted upper receivers on the fly. This helps armed professionals respond to evolving mission requirements, and do so without tools. We’ve recreated that exact functionality in the 468, and Patrick is ready to show you how it works...

...by showing you how a real M4/AR-15 pattern rifle stacks up against the 468.

Ready to check out the 468 for yourself? Start here: http://www.rap4.com/store/paintball/trade-program-p-16829

Want to see some mission-adapted upper receivers that are ready to drop onto your 468 for immediate action? They're coming soon!

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