In Company with the Shadow Company

In Company with the Shadow Company
By Jonii

The Shadow Company (California) is a MIL-SIM team based in Huntington Beach. The team of 6 consists of Firefighter, Police, and Military Personnel. They have been active as a team for 3 years.

The Shadow Company is very dedicated to the sport of MIL-SIM. They not only play on the field as a team, but also work diligently together to bring knowledge of the sport to the public and to fellow MIL-SIM players. This information and much more can be discovered on their website at: There you will find a wealth of paintball news, new products, reviews and web site links where you can research and purchase the best MIL-SIM equipment on the market today. One such link is Shadow Company's proud sponsor, RAP4. At their website: -- you will be amazed at all the MIL-SIM markers and accessories they have! As well as, listings of events and a massive paintball forum!

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The Shadow Company promotes brotherhood in the sport and carry with them discipline, respect, and professionalism. All while having FUN of course! A combination of these traits and a talented team... is the makings of a winning team on and off the field!

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