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RAP4 is proud to welcome you into our brand new superstore, where you can see, handle, and even field strip, the absolute latest Modern Combat Sports MagFed guns and gear…right here at our world headquarters.. read more


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All Weather Duty: RAP4’s LOK Bolt  All Weather Duty: RAP4’s LOK Bolt  RAP4 is proud that our LOK Bolt will keep you in the game no matter the weather. While rain can compromise the integrity of your paint, your 468 will keep going strong...and keep you safe from chopping paint.
Torture Testing the 468's Revolutionary LOK Bolt  Torture Testing the 468's Revolutionary LOK Bolt  RAP4 is proud of the 468's growing reputation as the ultimate paintball gun for milsim action...especially in adverse weather conditions, and for extended battles. We took a container full to OK D-Day to loan out to players, who loaded up hundreds of DMags and subject the 468s to cringe-worthy...
DMAG: Have A Spare  DMAG: Have A Spare  RAP4 knows that you need to have a spare magazine when things go wrong, so we are proud that our streamlined production and thoroughly modern design means that spare DMags are only $5.90 each
RAP4 Moving To Gilroy, CA  RAP4 Moving To Gilroy, CA  RAP4 is proud to be growing right along with the incredibly popular magfed paintball format. To keep up with demand, we're moving to a bigger production facility a little ways down the road, and in the process, expanding our range of Made in USA products!
Operational  Detachment: Southern California (OD:SC)  Operational Detachment: Southern California (OD:SC)  RAP4 is proud to announce the formation of Operational Detachment: Southern California (OD:SC), the first RAP4 organized, trained, and equipped, mag-fed paintball team in the world...and the first of many to come.
DMAG:  Breaking The Cost Barrier For Mag-fed Paintball  DMAG: Breaking The Cost Barrier For Mag-fed Paintball  RAP4 is proud to break the cost barrier for mag-fed paintball, so you can embrace the most realistic form of paintball ever created...while saving enough money for paint, entry, and travel! We've made this possible through the invention of our revolutionary DMag paintball magazines,
Dmag Magazine In Action  Dmag Magazine In Action  RAP4 is proud to announce two great DMag packages that will fill your vest without emptying your wallet. Players who want an enormous amount of firepower onboard their DMag-equipped paintball guns
RAP4 Scarab Arms Warranty And Service Work  RAP4 Scarab Arms Warranty And Service Work  RAP4 has you covered with the industry's best warranty for our products, and now, we've got your back if you shoot one of the hot new Scarab Arms guns, too. We've struck a strategic alliance with Scarab Arms to officially become the largest North and South American service and warran...
NEW RAP4 Ecuador  NEW RAP4 Ecuador  RAP4 is proud to serve players in an exciting new market: through, we're bringing the hottest barrels, accessories, and tactical garments to players in and around Ecuador! From the jungle around Orellana, to the arid hills of Aromo,
468 Land Warfare Operation  468 Land Warfare Operation  RAP4 is proud to supply the devastating 468 to the most combat-effective land warfare players in paintball - the players who accomplish missions behind the lines, under fire, and against the clock.
468 Thrown From A Building  468 Thrown From A Building  RAP4 is proud to offer you the 468, the toughest and most realistic marker we've ever made...and we're eager to prove its durability to you. To show how tough we build the 468, we've submitted one to a battery of grueling tests that take real world abuse
468 Buried In Dirt  468 Buried In Dirt  Real Action Paintball is proud to show you the new 468 in action, and surviving some serious torture tests. The RAP4 research and development team designed the 468 to reproduce the exact ergonomics, feel, and looks, of the M4/M16 family of battle rifles. One of the...
468 Amphibious Operations  468 Amphibious Operations  RAP4 builds the industry's toughest, most realistic mil-sim markers...and we're proud to show you how realistic and durable they are with our new series of 468 torture tests.
468 Shot By Shotgun  468 Shot By Shotgun  RAP4 is proud to make our new 468 as real as it gets...and as tough as nails. To give you the most authentic mil-sim experience possible, we designed the magazine-fed 468 to have the exact look, feel, balance, and ergonomics of an M4 carbine.
468 RAN OVER BY SUV TEST  468 RAN OVER BY SUV TEST  RAP4 is proud to present the 468 as the industry's toughest marker...and to prove it, we've released a series of videos detailing our 468 torture tests. We know the 468 is tough enough to withstand years of intense use, but we want to prove it to the world. That's why we've tested it thoroughl...
468 Airborne Operation  468 Airborne Operation  RAP4 wants you to train like you're going to fight with our new 468, the most intense paintball marker available! We just took an operator up in a plane, strapped a 468 across his chest, and kicked him out the door over Southern California. He popped his chute and landed with precisi...
468  Torture Test  468 Torture Test  RAP4 is proud to bring you the toughest marker in paintball: the new 468. We see how hard elite military units train with our gear; we're there with you at Oklahoma D-Day, Operation: End War, and at other dusty, rocky, intense scenario games. We built the new 468 to handle that level of training and...
Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Everyone at RAP4 wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
468 DMR: Roof Top Hitman Sniper Action  468 DMR: Roof Top Hitman Sniper Action  RAP4 is proud to release another video showing our latest 468 marker in action. Get tactical with Anthony from Savoy 6 as he takes to the rooftop of RAP4's Ops Building with a custom 468 in one of our USMG hard sided cases. His mission: execute a hit from the rooftop with the absolute latest in pain...
Inside RAP4 R&D: The Making Of RAP 468  Inside RAP4 R&D: The Making Of RAP 468  RAP4 is proud to drive the paintball industry with revolutionary designs, serve the military and police communities with training equipment that replicates their duty issue gear, and help you have the most realistic fun possible at your scenario games.
Displaying 41 to 60 (of 129 articles)