Build an HK36C - With the K36 Body Shroud from RAP4!

Tippmann HK G36 Paintball Gun

Build an HK36C - With the K36 Body Shroud from RAP4!

RAP4 is proud to introduce the K36 Body Shroud for your Tippmann A5! When you want a classy way to distinguish your A5, add four tactical rails and elevate your sight line so you can use optical sights with a stock installed, you need the K36 Body Shroud.

Designed to make your A5 resemble the HK36C line of battle rifles, the K36 Body Shroud has all-metal construction and bolts securely to your marker. Just like on real battle rifles, the K36 Body Shroud sports multiple mil-spec accessory rails, so you can add an under-barrel tactical handle, flashlights and lasers, electronic sights...even one of RAP4's paintball grenade launchers!

Install the K36 Body Kit in just a few minutes, and marvel at how it changes a standard A5 into a truly exceptional tool. Any A5 barrel may be used without interference. To complement the aesthetics, while greatly improving your marker's accuracy, try adding a RAP4 Recon barrel - with threaded muzzles that accept a wide range of flash hiders, they can complete the transformation of your A5 into a K36!

When you're ready for cutting edge design, with added functionality, you're ready to install the K36 Body Shroud on your A5!

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