Challenge for Children's Paintball Game Raised More Than $20,000

rap4 paintball challenge
paintball game volunteers
RAP4 would like to congratulate MN Pro Paintball on a job very well done with their Challenge for Children's Big Game on June 12th! The donations are all in now, and the charity game raised $20,037.36 for Children's Hospitals of Minnesota. A lot of sick kids will get a lot of great medical attention thanks to the generosity of Twin Cities players, event sponsors, and the hard work of the MN Pro Paintball staff and volunteers!

RAP4 is proud to sponsor this event, joining some top paintball industry names alongside important local businesses. A veritable Christmas Day of prizes and goodies greeted the players as they registered for this epic game, and through special drawings and raffles many lucky players went home with hot new gear - including the RAP4 Land Warrior Wireless Camera system, with which to record all the action of future big games!

This outstanding event was orchestrated by MN Pro Paintball, a premier facility in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Their scenario pit teams from Minneapolis against those from St. Paul in a post-apocalyptic scramble to capture resources following a flood of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. Minneapolis triumphed by a wide margin, trumping St. Paul by 18,000 points (24% of total points).

The donations came in early, and lasted until after the event, with players chipping in a few extra dollars to help Children's Hospitals of Minnesota and a few awesome patrons writing checks for big money. All in, they made the 3rd annual Challenge for Children's Big Game the most successful event yet! MN Pro Paintball has raised, after these three events, an outstanding $50,000 for Children's Hospitals of Minnesota!

They did it with the help of the paintball community, and unwavering local support. RAP4 is proud to sponsor their event, and looks forward to a fantastic 4th Annual Challenge for Children's on May 20, 2012!

For more information on the Challenge for Children's big games:

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