SOCOM Silencer (.68) (1 inch)
SOCOM Silencer (.68) (1 inch)

SKU: 001987
UPC: 844596011459
Location: 30F0340

This Silencer is compatible with Tippmann A5, Tippmann X7, T68 series barrels, tactical barrels, tactical rifled barrels and all barrels with a 1" tip. Installation is quick and easy with set screws.

Fits all 1" barrels , beveled barrel, and AB rifled barrel

Special Ops Thread-On Silencer (.68)
Special Ops Thread-On Silencer (.68)

SKU: 003530
UPC: 844596022400
Location: 30F0315


This is a thread-on silencer for easy installation and removal. It fits all T68 Series marker barrels and tactical barrels. 

Only compatible with 7/8th inch Diameter barrels.



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Reaper Silencer (.68)
Reaper Silencer (.68)

SKU: 003755
UPC: 844596024121
Location: 30F0310


This is a replacement muzzle for paintball gun barrel. Compatible with all markers with a tactical barrel including, T68, Viewloader, Tippmann, BT and all Spyder. Made out of 100% metal.


SKU: 004663
UPC: 844596081780
Location: 30F0530

This APEX Thread On Barrel is compatible with all Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrels, Tactical Barrels, Spyder MR1, MR2, MR3  7/8th inch Recon Barrels, and Tippmann X7 7/8th inch Recon Barrels.

This is a thread-on APEX barrel, you can attach to tip of all RAPTOR and the 7/8 RECON rifled barrel. Now you have the power, the distant, the accuracy and the performance of a rifled barrel with the ability of the Tippmann Flatline Barrel. With the APEX and RAPTOR / RECON rifled barrel combination you are guaranteed to get more distant, accuracy and more elimination than ever before.

Here is how it works. The APEX barrel has an adjusting switch that allows you to control how much curve to put on the ball. You can turn the APEX barrel to curve up, down, left or right. This allows you to have full control where the ball will land. With the APEX barrel you will able to shoot around an object at a curve to take out your opponent.

This is the biggest "cheat" advantage upgrade you can get for the paintball marker. If straight shot does not do the job, you can to take out your opponent hiding behind rocks, trees, bunkers or any other obstructing objects with a curve. Now you can make impossible shots!!!

APEX Barrel features:
- On/Off capability
- Adjustable ramp switch - choose the desired level of curve
- Left hook, right hook, drop shot and long flat trajectory shots
- Hit previously untouchable targets with new curve feature
- Easy to “Dial In” targets and change the level of curve


Thread-on Socom Silencer (.68)
Thread-on Socom Silencer (.68)

SKU: 004856
UPC: 844596030504
Location: 30F0200

This Socom Silencer works with Tactical Barrel, Recon Barrels and Raptor Barrels. Easy to install, just remove the muzzle brake and attach. The Socom silencer is made out 100% metal, it is solid. The silencer is made for looks and intimidation only, it is not made to reduce noise.



MK23 II SOCOM Silencer (.68)
MK23 II SOCOM Silencer (.68)

SKU: 008791
UPC: 844596061546
Location: 30F0350


Compatible with 7/8 inch Recon and Raptor barrels.

Length: 7.75 inch
Internal Length: 6.625 inch


MK23 Socom Thread-On Silencer (.68)
MK23 Socom Thread-On Silencer (.68)

SKU: 008792
UPC: 844596061553
Location: 30F0305

This is a replacement silencer for paintball gun barrel. Compatible with all markers with a tactical barrel including, T68, Viewloader, Tippmann, BT, Smart Parts, and all Spyder. Made out of 100% metal. Compatible with 7/8 inch Recon and 1 Inch Raptor barrels.