RAP226 Air Adapter (Internal)
RAP226 Air Adapter (Internal)

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The RAP226 Air Adapter allows you to charge your standard P226 with almost any external air source, like from a 5oz CO2 bottle or HPA bottle.   On average, each refill should give 15 round shot.  To get a full charge/refill, follow instruction below.

- This adapter requires a charger/refill adaptor.  ( more info )

Refilling Instruction:

1.  Connect charger adapter to pistol and close bleed valve
2.  Turn pistol up side down
3.  Open CO2 valve (if you use one)  to allow CO2 to enter.
4.  Dry fire pistol 3 to 4  times to allow CO2 to fully enter chamber.
5.  Close CO2 valve.
6.  Bleed air from charger adapter by opening its valve.
7.  Disconnect charger adapter.  Done!