T68 Firestorm Pistol Electronic Trigger (etrigger)
T68 Firestorm Pistol Electronic Trigger (etrigger)

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The T68 Firestorm Pistol Electronic Trigger is an easily installed electronic trigger frame for the T68 Pistol and the T68 Gen 3 Pistol. With a light trigger pull and three fire modes—semi, burst, and full auto—you can respond to dynamic situations with exactly the firepower you need.

Features Include:
- Select fire modes for semi, burst, and full auto
- Ergonomic single finger trigger frame
- Milling matches the contours of the T68 Pistol
- Accepts rechargeable battery

When you need to turn that pistol into something a little larger, add a stock and a tactical barrel to make your T68 Pistol or T68 Gen3 Pistol into a carbine-length marker…and the Firestorm trigger frame will be right there, giving you the firepower of the slickest electro in the game!

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