Paintball Compressor Package #3 (Mini Tech 9 CFM Gas Version)
Paintball Compressor Package #3 (Mini Tech 9 CFM Gas Version)

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  Paintball Compressor Package #3 is great for large paintball fields. The Nuvair 9 gas or electric can fill one or more storage tanks while providing a considerable volume of air to the fill station. The pressure regulator can be mounted on the fill station or on the storage tanks. The two-man fill station has two toggle actuated fill valves that relieve the line pressure when released. Installation video included.  


Part Number PK3G PK3E
Package# 3 Mini Tech 9 CFM Gas Mini Tech 9 CFM Electric
220V E1 or E3
Cubic Feet/Minute 9 FAD 10.8 SCFM
RPM 1550
Cylinder Diameter 95 x 38 x 14 mm
Max. Op. Pressure 5000 PSI
Number of Stages 3
Lubrication Splash Lubricant 1.6 Liters
Compressor Dimensions 24" x 45" x 22"
Compressor Weight 320 - 421 lbs
Storage Tanks 4
Tank Fittings 4
Hose 8' & 12'
Fill Panel PN2
Noise Level 90 dB 82.3 dB
Engine Power 9 hp 7.5 hp