Spyder MR1
Spyder MR1

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The MR1 will take a beating and keep on firing! The slide out pull pin, field strippable bolt, and full-length stock (optional) make the MR1 an easily operated and highly accurate scenario marker with military resilience and stability. This semi-auto marker won't rust even when you're trekking through the wettest terrain, and youíll never need to worry about batteries because there arenít any electronic parts!† These guns are destined to leave a mark on the Paintball Industry.

  • Slide out pull pin
  • Field strippable bolt
  • Integrated dovetail for easy sight placement or for mounting a scope
  • 12" muzzle brake barrel
  • Two finger trigger
  • Contoured grip with integrated side panels
  • Matte black finish
  • Drop forward
  • Steel braided bottomline air feed
  • Off-Set Feed Neck
  • Anti-double feed ball detent
  • Top cocking bolt