Compressed Air Refill System
Compressed Air Refill System

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This compressed air refill system includes a scuba tank and scuba refill adapter.


- Made of Proprietary 6061 - T6 Aluminum
- Cycle tested 100,000 to service pressure
- Durable, power coated finish
- Highly resistant to exterior corrosion
- Standard 3/4 x 14 NPSM inlet thread
- Oxygen cleaned
- Made in U.S.A

Dimension: H: 26.5" x W: 8.0" x L: 8.0"
Weight: 43 pounds

3000psi Compressed Air Tank The 100cuft tank can refill this cylinder 90-95 times.
Compress Air Tank 3000psi/48cu in The 100cuft tank can refill this cylinder 23-28 times.
Carbon Fiber Tank 4500psi/68cu in The 100cuft tank can refill this cylinder 15-20 times.
Scuba Fill Station You will need this refill adaptor to refill your tanks

Refill CO2 System (35lbs Tank)
Refill CO2 System (35lbs Tank)

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This refill co2 system comes with a 35 lbs. CO2 tank and CO2 refill station.

35 lbs. CO2 tank includes deep tube. Tank will support up to approximately 250 fills on 45 gram cylinders. The tank can be taken to local air supplier and refilled or exchanged for another filled 35 lb. CO2 tank.

CO2 Tanks / Cylinder Refill Kit You will need this Refill Kit to refill your tanks