5oz CO2 Refillable Cylinder & Buttstock Kit (Version B)
5oz CO2 Refillable Cylinder & Buttstock Kit (Version B)

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This air option comes with a 5oz refillable cylinder and stock. This system has the most air-in-stock capacity, and is the best option for tactical paintball. For the most realistic paintball games, you want to change magazines only—not air. This system has enough air capacity for 20+ magazines. This configuration also allows you to rig a 90 degree remote line adaptor to connect a remote line to the marker while having the air tank inside the stock, giving you an instant-backup option should your internal tank run out at a crucial moment.

This butt stock has 10 adjustable positions.
Shot capacity: 200+ shots

T68 5oz CO2 Refillable Cylinder and Butt Stock Kit


We have 2 versions for your stock adapter, check your T68 for which version you have by matching it with this photo.

T68 Paintball Gun Buttstock Pin