Hammerhead Barrel Fin Adapter (Spyder Threaded)
Hammerhead Barrel Fin Adapter (Spyder Threaded)

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This Hammerhead Barrel Adapter is compatible with the following paintball markers:

32 Degrees, Ariakon, Armotech, Brass Eagle, Diablo, Dragun PMI, GT Commandos, IconZ, Inferno, JT, Mongoose, Odyssey, PCS US5, Piranha, PMI, Rebel Extreme, Silver Bullets, Spyder, Spyder MR1, Spyder MR2, Spyder MR3, T68, Viewloader, ZAP


The Barrel is The Most Technologically Advanced Paintball Barrel in the Industry.
Our purpose was to develop a paintball barrel to achieve strict accuracy and guarantee a 99% ball break for law enforcement for less lethal live rounds (live agent irritant chili pepper powder balls).


Our engineers undertook the task of developing a barrel specifically designed for paintball to meet the players strict requirements. Existing Technology could not meet their needs. Test results showed some of the same principles in ht e rifle industry applied to paintball but key difference existed due to the liquid and ball characteristics.


"Degree of Twist" of rifling is critical to accuracy
"Accuracy" and downfeld sound transmission is positively effected by reverse porting
"Reverse Porting" is critical for proper ball regeneration
"Reduced Sound Levels" transmitted downrange