Tacamo MKV First Recon Hopper Fed Paintball Marker
Tacamo MKV First Recon Hopper Fed Paintball Marker

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Tacamo is excited to offer this bold new option for your tactical gaming: the combat-ready Tacamo MKV First Recon Hopper Fed Marker! Two lengths of tactical rails, milled right into the body of the MKV First Recon Hopper Fed Marker, are ready to accept the included HK-style open sights and a nearly limitless array of RIS-interface accessories. The multi-position collapsible carbine stock ensures a custom-fit stock length every time.

And the Tacamo MKV First Recon Hopper Fed Marker is designed around an inline open-bolt blowback system similar to those found in Tippmann, BT, and US Army markers, to give you the utter reliability and inherent accuracy of that proven engineering.

Tacamo designed an incredibly comfortable over-molded grip, and added threaded attachment points to the grip frame so you can use the (included!) bottomline unit! This helps you use your onboard air source to offset the weight of the hopper, so the marker balances naturally right over the grip!

To maximize your accuracy potential, Tacamo includes a multi-position collapsible carbine stock, just like those found on M4 carbines currently in service around the world. Raise your marker to your shoulder, hold on tightly, and the stock helps you smoothly track moving targets as they run screaming away from your paint! Collapse it when you need a compact marker; extend it to the perfect length whether you have long arms or short, or are wearing thick clothing or just a woodsball jersey.

This configuration is designed to accept all hoppers with the standard single-column feedneck, allowing you to use gravity-fed, agitated, and force-feed hoppers!

The Tacamo MKV First Recon Hopper Fed Marker is ready to serve right out of the box, and eager to be the platform for your next super-custom creation.

Key Features Include:
- Two integral RIS rails
- HK-style open sights
- Multi-position collapsible stock
- Proven mechanical design
-Optional: Magazine Fed Adapter and Magazine