60g CO2 Tank Cylinder (Empty)
60g CO2 Tank Cylinder (Empty)

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The standard 60g cylinder fires 200 rounds. This cylinder is constructed with a steel casing. The on/off switch is standard at the end. This cylinder fits into the butt stock.

Weight: 1.40 lbs
Length: 10.5”
Width: 1.5”
Height: 1.5”

(Solid Butt Stock)

(RAP5 Butt Stock)

(Collapsible Butt Stock)

12g Disposable CO2 Adapter
12g Disposable CO2 Adapter

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The adapter will fit inside the RAP4 buttstock, and uses two 12 gram disposable CO2 cartridges. It will fire approximately 60 rounds. When installing the adapter, it must be installed to the marker first before inserting the CO2 cartridges. Please refer to picture for orientation of CO2 cartridges when installed to the adapter.

New 12gram adaptor for disposable 12g powerlets! This new adaptor holds two 12g disposable cylinders, which yield 60 shots with our .43 caliber paintball markers and 30 shots with our .68 caliber T68 series markers.

The new 12g disposable adaptors are compatible with all RAP4 and T68 series markers, and every other marker that uses CO2! The best feature of the new 12g disposable adaptor is that it can be hidden inside the butt stock, maintaining the balance and aesthetics that set our gear apart—and making it ideal for military and law enforcement training. Thirty shots per 12g; thirty shots per magazine in M4 rifles; the realism is improved, and bulky air tanks or remote lines eliminated, with our 12g adapter.

This makes the 12g adaptor extremely useful since it is very cost effective and convenient to agencies and departments that don't have access to CO2 bulk refills. Additionally, agencies and players in rural areas don't have to invest in a refill system—just go to the sporting goods store, pick up a pack of disposable 12g cylinders, and get training!

Our new 12g adaptors make it even more cost effective to operate the RAP4 and T68 series markers and maintain realistic aesthetics and handling. The 12g adaptor is also compatible with RAP4's Flexi-Air system for Tippmann, Spyder, and other markers with flexi-air. The new 12g adaptor is outwardly identical to the flexi-air adaptor, and hides inside the butt stock in T68 and RAP4 markers.

Our 12g adaptor has a standard ASA fitting, and is compatible with all paintball markers. The 12g disposable adaptor is ideal for snipers who want a minimum of equipment to conceal. The 12g adaptor is only 1" in diameter and only 9.5" long. Even on other markers, it is virtually invisible when camouflaged along with the sniper.

And if you want a discreet, backup air source—the new 12g adaptor is your perfect choice!