Universal Goggles Fan System
Universal Goggles Fan System

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The Goggle Ventilation System Fan prevents goggle fogging by circulating air behind your lens, reducing the humidity inside the lens area of you mask. This diminutive, yet powerful, fan was chosen to provide the most optimum air flow without drying out your eyes while effectively venting the humid air that causes goggle fogging. The result is crystal-clear vision at all times.

The fan attaches to the vents atop your goggles, and is powered by a 9v battery that quickly attaches and detaches from your goggles’ elastic headband. A single 9v battery (not included; add a RAP4 Rechargeable Battery for incredible run-time) powers the fan for hours!

Key Features:

- High fan speeds
- Quiet operation
- Universal upgrade
- Extremely lightweight
- Easily installed