Universal Goggles Fan (Upgrade Kit)
Universal Goggles Fan (Upgrade Kit)

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To fight the toughest goggle fogging, you need the power of the Goggle Ventilation System Fan Upgrade Kit. This kit adds one fan to your existing Goggle Ventilation System, and includes the necessary mounting hardware to secure the fan in place on virtually any goggle system.

The power supply cord is extra long so you can use this fan on the opposite end of your goggles from the original fan. It draws power from the same 9v battery, and connects to the power supply with a simple click. You can mount the fans to both pull air up out of your goggles, or use the fan in this Goggle Ventilation System Fan Upgrade Kit to push new, drier air in your goggles while the other fan pulls it out from the far end...which creates a constant flow of air that doesn’t allow humidity the chance to condense on your lens!

This auxiliary fan is perfect for players in humid areas, and those who take to the fields during the coldest winters—both are prime conditions for goggle fogging!

Stay in the game, and see clearly all weekend long, with the added power and utility of this upgrade kit!

Key Features:

- Installs in under 3 minutes
- Circulates a huge volume of air
- Quiet operation
- Integrates with Goggle Ventilation System Fan
- Lightweight yet durable