Tippmann 98 to Tacamo Storm Conversion Kit
Tippmann 98 to Tacamo Storm Conversion Kit

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#1. The Tacamo Storm magazine kits and markers are coming to a store near you.
#2. Contact your local paintball store to place an order - and you will have a Storm before anyone else.
#3. Available at your local store on October 10th, 2015
#4. Available at MCS online store and shipping on November 1st - 2015. This delay gives your local store a head start for you to support the local business.
#5. This KIT is for the Tippmann Model 98 and 98 Custom.

Kit Includes:
1 x Storm body
1 x DMAG magazine


The full cast body features and integrated keymod handguard and DMAG magazine well. Simply remove your markerís internals using the steps found in its user manual and install them into the new MKV STORM to revamp the game!

1 Optional air stock 5 Integrated handguard
2 Air on grip or air-through stock 6 Keymod compatible
3 Compatible with standard grip 7 Thread-on barrel
4 Integrated Optional Lok-Bolt 8 DMAG compatible

When youíre serious about tactical gaming, with serious gear, you need to take your marker to the next level with Tacamoís MKV STORM Mag-Fed Conversion Kit!

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