468 Trade In Program (DMAG Equipped)
468 Trade In Program (DMAG Equipped)

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468 Trade In Program Will End September 20th, 2014

It’s time to upgrade to the new 468—the most realistic mil-sim paintball marker ever designed. Each 468 replicates the exact ergonomics of the M4/M16 family of battle rifles, their natural point of aim...and the thrilling experience of carrying one into mil-sim paintball action! With a two-part receiver just like an M4, and the ability to swap the entire upper receiver—including the barrel, handguard, and all of the accessories attached to the handguard—for another specially-outfitted upper receiver in seconds, the 468 provides unparalleled mission adaptability.

Hold on to your accessories, and you can affix them to your 468 the moment it arrives...then take it straight to the field to show your friends the industry’s hottest mag-fed marker!

Here are the details on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

What you get when you Trade Up:
- A new 468
A RAP4 technician will transfer your existing external hardware (such as your handguard, butt stock, and barrel) to your new 468. Once that is complete, RAP4 will send your new 468
back to you

How to Trade Up your marker:
1. Place an order for the 468
Trade Up Deal
2. Send in your marker with your order number on the package
3. Once received, RAP4 will process your trade within 30 days

What you should send in when you Trade Up:
1. Your basic T68, including the barrel, handguard, and butt stock, which RAP4 will use in the assembly of your new 468

2. The main body, trigger, and related internal parts (your whole T68)
- Don't send in any CO2 or compressed air tank, or any extra accessories like scopes, lasers, sights, or flashlights

The time to Trade Up is now, before your opponents can catch up! Our engineers are standing by to build your new 468 today!

Key Features:
- Two-piece easy-swap receiver
- DMAG Equipped
- Mag-fed for realism and reliability
- Utilizes your existing handguard, stock, and barrel
- Durable construction to withstand years of hard use
- Most realistic design, construction, and feel, ever!

- Made in U.S.A