7/8th Inch M4 Front Sight
7/8th Inch M4 Front Sight

SKU: 001739
UPC: 844596009920
Location: 32ee0735

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  • 7/8 th inch M4 Front sight
  • works with all Straight Rifle Barrels and fits all 7/8 th Barrels

Steel Iron Front Sight (7/8th Inch)
Steel  Iron Front Sight (7/8th Inch)

SKU: 005602
UPC: 844596036872
Location: 31F0610

Steel Front Sight is rugged and made for military version paintball guns.
Fits all Tactical Raptor barrels and all 7/8" Tactical Recon barrels.


Recon Flip-Up Sight (7/8th inch)
Recon Flip-Up Sight (7/8th inch)

SKU: 013562
UPC: 844596001252
Location: 31F0660

The Recon Flip-Up Sight is a great addition to  your gear. This sight attaches directly to the barrel with ease. Made to last and designed from aircraft aluminum.

Fits 7/8th inch barrel.