SCA Buttstock (Black)
SCA Buttstock (Black)

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SCA is Standard Carbine Air Stock that works with 5oz / 7oz / 13ci / 17ci / 3000psi Tank Butt Stock allows you to use your in stock air system along with your makers.

Solid Remote Line Adapter & Buttstock Kit
Solid Remote Line Adapter & Buttstock Kit

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This air option comes with a remote line adaptor and stock. You will need a remote line to attach your marker to an air tank. This configuration also allows you to use 60g refillable CO2 cylinders, 45g disposable cylinders and 12g disposable cylinders (with adaptor) as well.

This butt stock has 5 adjustable positions.
Shot capacity: To 1000+ shots (depending on air tank size use)


SCA Buttstock Kit with 13ci
SCA Buttstock Kit with 13ci

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This multi-position collapsible SCA Stock contains a hidden 13ci 3000psi Compressed Air bottle threaded into a custom Flexi-Air rear body plug—the only power source your marker needs! That means you won’t have to hang an unsightly CO2 tank from your ASA...and you won’t need to bother with a remote line, heavy pack, etc. The Buttstock Kit includes the 13ci 3000psi Compressed Air bottle, which will provide you enough gas to get through several open play games or skirmishes during a hyper-realistic scenario.

Plus, the multi-position stock collapses and extends to give you a custom fit no matter your build or what tactical clothing you’re wearing! You’ll also notice how your marker balances much better with the diminutive bottle installed so discreetly inside of the stock.

You can remove the stock and swap the tank out with a backup 13ci 3000psi Compressed Air tank in you the advantages of a concealed, onboard gas source without sacrificing time on the field!

Key Features:

- Stock hides CO2 tank
- Includes Bravo Stock guide - Stock collapses, expands, for custom fit
- Swap tank in seconds!
- Greatly improves balance of marker

Shot capacity for .43 caliber markers:
13ci 3000psi (compatible with compress air/ HPA / Nitrogen): 250+ shots

Shot capacity for .68 caliber markers:
13ci 3000psi (compatible with compress air/ HPA / Nitrogen): 100+ shots