Tacamo MK5 UMP
Tacamo MK5 UMP

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Get your hands on this MK5 UMP!

Designed to give you configuration similar to that of a UMP smg this marker is meant for the paintballer that wants a smaller marker with an ample amount of rail space. This configuration will allow you to add a nearly endless amount of accessories on your marker, including scopes, sights, lasers and grips. 

Then you can rock 20 rounds at a time, making every shot count like a pump player…but relying on the semi-auto firepower of your trusted marker, and the spring-fed reliability (a ball in the chamber every time—no matter the rate of fire, or angle of the marker) of the RAP4 DMAGs.

Tacamo’s engineers have been working on this kit for a long time, getting the compatibility perfect…and then focusing on the aesthetics outside. The Tacamo A-5® Magazine Conversion Kit retains the aesthetic, helping you achieve the look military arm. The Magazine Conversion Kit even takes your standard trigger group, or the aftermarket electronic trigger groups for a real firepower increase!

This marker is First Strike and Shape Projectile ready - You just need to upgrade to the MKV/MK5 Shaped Projectile Bolt

Key Features:
  • .68 caliber system—uses all standard paintballs! 
  • DMAG Magazine Well 
  • 1x 20 Round DMAG Semi-automatic (can be upgraded to shoot semi/burst/full auto) 
  • 1x A-5 UMP Shroud
  • Includes the MK5 Internal Flexi-Air System 
  • System Solid Remote Line Adapter and Carbine Stock Included 
  • Works with CO2/ Compressed Air/HPA/Nitrogen tanks of all sizes 
  • Maximum range: 300 feet
  • Effective range: 150 feet 
  • Velocity 200-325 fps (adjustable)