468 Complete Lower Receiver (DMAG Version)
468 Complete Lower Receiver (DMAG Version)

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Unlock the amazing utility of the 468®’s real-M4-design when you custom-build a lower receiver…and start here with the 468® Complete Lower Receiver! This receiver is ready to go for our industry-leading DMags™…which even let you shoot fin-stabilized rounds!

Then you can attach the stock of your choice—one that conceals a hidden onboard air source, or is adapted for remote line use, or… The options are vast, and each one is suitable to a different type of mission. How do you play? How do you need your 468® to morph as your missions change?

The 468® Complete Lower Receiver comes with the trigger group and standard M4 combat grip, so you’ll be ready to go as soon as you attach your choice of stock. You can even customize the grip with one of many different mil-spec aftermarket grips!

Then when you’re ready to swap lower receivers, just push out the retaining pins on your 468®, swap lower receivers, and push the pins back in. It takes fewer than ten seconds…and puts you miles ahead of the competition.

Key Features:

- Includes complete trigger group and grip
- Swaps onto any 468® in seconds
- Metal construction


   ***Kit does not include FSE-039 468 Striker Pin & FSE-046 468 Velocity Housing Cover***