Removable Magazine for Tippmann® A-5®
Removable Magazine for Tippmann® A-5®

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Put the look and feel of an M4 or M16 in your hands today when you upgrade your Tippmann A5 with the Removable M16 Magazine Kit! This dramatic kit comes with a functional magwell that accepts the included M16-style magazine. Slip it in, hear it click, and off you go.

 Want to run light and fast? No problem—push the mag release and the magazine slips right out...exactly like on the real deal. The magwell is designed to reproduce the size, shape, and function of an authentic M16 magwell, and the magazine is designed to reproduce an authentic mag.

 But this magazine is all about storage. You can carry spare parts and tools, lube and small squeegees—even small maps—right there in the magazine! Drop the mag, access the goods, and slide it right back in as you sprint into the action.

 Key Features Include:

 - Magazine drops free!

- Durable construction

- Mounts in moments

- Magazine features storage space!