AK47-B Barrel Kit (98)
AK47-B Barrel Kit (98)

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This barrel kit is compatible with Tippmann 98, US Army Alpha Black, and US Army Project Salvo markers.

RAP4 AK47-B series markers, based closely on the AK47- the most widely used assault rifle in the world! Now you can turn your Tippmann markers into the ultimate opposing force marker for the most realistic paintball game ever. Pit a team of T68 owners against the AK47-B team, and you'll have a scenario game that looks so real you'll swear your field was in Afghanistan. Each unit is built from an authentic Tippmann 98 or Tippmann A5.

The AK47-B series markers then take shape with our body kits. Each one then gets a standard Weaver flat top rail system, with which you can mount virtually any military spec scopes, lights, and sights. The AK47-B series also comes with an optional electronic trigger system for selective firing modes: semi, automatic, and burst.

Already own a Tippmann/US Army marker? Get a conversion kit now! The kit is easy to install, and you can turn your Tippmann into the ultimate scenario marker in no time. Check out RAP4's AK47-B markers, AK47-B body kits, and our full line of accessories at http://www.rap4.com/store/paintball

This AK47-B barrel is an excellent upgrade for your marker to improve your tactical scenario games. This barrel kit comes with a 14" barrel, sight, and grip.


* NOTE: This barrel kit can also be upgraded with 7/8th inch Recon rifled barrels.

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AK47-B Barrel Kit Installation Instructions

Step 1: Loosen rear cap fixing screw Step 2: Loosen center cap fixing screw

Step 3: Loosen front cap fixing screw
Step 4: Loosen tension bar fixing screw and slide the tension bar forward

Step 5: Loosen sling cap fixing screw Step 6: Loosen front sight fixing screw

Step 7: Tighten the barrel to your marker and make sure that the barrel is on firm Step 8: Realign front sight and caps to the marker and tighten all fixing screws.