RAP5 Magazine x 5
RAP5 Magazine x 5

SKU: 000088
UPC: 844596000460
Location: PK000088

5 x RAP5 RAM Magazine

RAP5 Magazine x 1
RAP5 Magazine x 1

SKU: 000182
UPC: 844596001054
Location: 31B0435

1x RAP5 RAM Magazine
Capacity: 20 rounds
Outside metal cover
Inside is thick & sturdy plastic housing the paintball cartridges. This newer version prevents jamming problems!
Paintballs are not included.

The new magazine has a collapsible winding arm for easy winding action.

RAP5 Magazine x 2
RAP5 Magazine x 2

SKU: 000183
UPC: 844596001061
Location: PK000183

2x RAP5 RAM Magazine
Capacity: 40 rounds
Paintballs are not included. This new version stops jamming problems.

RAP5 Magazine x 3
RAP5 Magazine x 3

SKU: 000184
UPC: 844596001078
Location: PK000184

3 x RAP5 RAM Magazine