RAM Paintball Pistol Internal (refillable) Air Adapter
RAM Paintball Pistol Internal (refillable) Air Adapter

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This refillable Pistol Air Adapter features:

- Compatible with RAP4 P99, RAM Combat, RAM X50 or P226, RAP17
- Requires a charge adaptor to refill
- Can shoot 20-30 rounds of .43 caliber per fill.
  You can also use your remote line as well.

Refilling Instruction:

1.  Connect charger adapter to pistol and close bleed valve
2.  Turn pistol up side down
3.  Open CO2 valve (if you use one)  to allow CO2 to enter
4.  Dry fire pistol 3 to 4  times to allow CO2 to fully enter chamber
5.  Close CO2 valve
6.  Bleed air from charger adapter by opening its valve
7.  Disconnect charger adapter.  Done!