USMG Soft Rifle Case
USMG Soft Rifle Case

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This 36” long USMG Soft Rifle Case is the soft-sided solution you need for carrying your full-size Rifle, Airsoft Gun or Paintball marker, magazines, sidearm, and other gear with ease! The case is padded on each side, and all around the edges to protect your marker in transit and help maintain the settings on your sights—the case protects you from the “scope bump” that affects the impact point of your Rounds!

Internal straps hold your marker and some accessories securely in place during transit. The outside pocket is ready to welcome your magazines, a shallow toolkit, kneepads, a sidearm... Keep all the gear specific to your marker together with the USMG Soft Rifle Case!

The padded handle is comfortable to hold, even when the bag is loaded with all your gear, and the included shoulder strap lets you strap the bag across your back when you need to haul that gear a long way to the staging area!

Operators will be interested to know that this case works equally well with duty-issue gear as it does for less lethal launchers and the paintball guns we use in our sport! Protect your investments, keep your relevant gear together, and carry your marker in comfort with the USMG Soft Rifle Case!

Key Features:

- 36” long
- Padded sides and edges
- Heavy-duty zippers
- Shoulder sling
- Internal load-securing straps


The new RAP4 Paintball Gun Marker bag is 36" long with protected upper and lower
foam padding. It is perfect to store your rifle and pistol. The gun and rifle are secure to
the bag with the securing straps.

The outer pocket can store your magazine pouch with your magazine in it. It can also
store, pods, hoppers and air tanks.

USMG: US Military Hard Cover Rifle Case
USMG: US Military Hard Cover Rifle Case

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The US Military Gear (USMG) Hard Cover Rifle Case is 40 inches long to store and protect pretty much any paintball marker or rifle. You can store and transport your marker in this case without having to remove the barrel, handguard, or your air-through stock, as these tough cases are designed to accommodate full size markers, fully assembled!

This hard case features a molded-in handle and thick-walled construction for durability. The high-density foam inside offers excellent protection and the latches keep the case securely closed. This case is lockable and airline approved, so you can travel the country or the world to play paintball, train, or deploy.

The USMG Hard Cover Rifle Case is equally ready to accept paintball markers and duty-issue firearms, and can pull double duty at home or at work protecting the gear that completes your mission!

Key features:

- Comfortable molded-in handle
- Thick wall construction
- High density foam inserts
- Heavy-duty latches
- Lockable/airline approved
- 40 inches x 9 ¾ inches x 3 ¼  inches