RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol (EX Version)
RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol (EX Version)

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RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the latest training tool to law enforcement, and the coolest new paint pistol for your game: the RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol. The RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol is designed to replicate the look, feel, and functionality of the real Desert Eagle.

RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol functions like a real handgun, with strong blowback action. It is powered by a refillable, internal, built-in CO2 reservoir inside the handgrip which can shoot 30 rounds of .43 caliber paintballs per fill. A Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol EX version that uses a 12g disposable CO2 cylinder inside the handgrip is also available, capable of shooting 40 shots per cylinder, giving you the option that’s right for your budget and tastes.

RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol holds up to 8 paintballs in a magazine, and the magazine is inserted into the handgrip. It does not eject shell casings, as none are needed: just paint and air. Like a real handgun, the Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol stops shooting when you run out of ammunition. Like all quality paintball markers, the velocity is adjustable, with top-end performance at 250fps to 300fps. The effective range of the RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol is 20m (65ft), and the maximum range is 50m (160ft).

Do you like electronic sights, lasers, flashlights, and all the cool tactical gear that interfaces with Weaver mounts? The Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol features twin Weaver-style rails, one on top and one under the barrel, to interface with cool accessories. Train like you’ll fight, with tactical flashlights; add a new dimension to your CQB scenario gaming with a laser. It can happen with the Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol.

Please note: This marker come with an orange barrel tip.