U.S Army Carver One Basic Marker
U.S Army Carver One Basic Marker

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The US Army Carver One has built in sights as it helps you to line up your shot. Throw on a sling on the built in mounts, and you do not have to worry about fatigue in your arms while out on a long walk to the front lines. The built in Foregrip helps stabilize your shooting platform and the 8.5 inch quick thread barrel will help get your paintball flying accurately. The all aluminum die cast receiver will keep the insides safe, while the durable matte black finish will help keep you hidden. You take the reliability of a Tippmann along with all these great new features, and you can have your own weapon of mass destruction.

Add on the optional stock for stability along with the optional vertical Foregrip, and you will be unstoppable. Need more firepower behind that itchy trigger finger? Get the optional E-grip and you will have no problem taking on a platoon by yourself. Included are the maintenance pack which will provide an Allen wrench set, paintball gun lubricant, cleaning cable for your barrel, and a barrel condom for safety. Not to mention the US Army training manual on teamwork and strategy.



  • USemi-Automatic 68 caliber open bolt inline blowback
  • 200 Hopper capacity with 8bps fire rate. Optional E-Grip for serious firepower available.
  • Lightweight 3.245 lbs.
  • Super durable powder coated receiver and ASA with hard anodized barrel.
  • Built in sling mount.
  • 4 Picatinny rails for tactical accessories.
  • Built in fore grip and mechanical sights.
  • Operates on CO2, Nitogen, or Compressed Air.
  • Optional vertical foregrip and stock available.