Dual Universal Offset Mount
Dual Universal Offset Mount

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This amazing Universal Dual Offset Mount is exactly what you need to raise your scope up high enough to use it while wearing your goggles...and as an added bonus, you get an extra length of RIS rail for a second or offset scope, or for any other accessory! If you already have RIS-mount accessories, but canít attach them to the dovetail rail atop your marker, this Universal Dual Offset Mount fixes that problem, too, enabling you to utilize a vast array of mil-spec optics and accessories!

The Universal Dual Offset Mount is patterned off of the scope risers used on AK-pattern service rifles, so it complements the mil-sim look and feel of your marker. It attaches to the dovetail rail atop your Tippmann, Spyder, or other paintball marker, and clamps securely in place. The rails on the Universal Dual Offset Mount are standard RIS rails, so mil-spec and paintball aftermarket accessories will have no problem attaching...

...and itís tall enough that you can now use your scope without your stock getting in the way of your goggles! Mount a second optic to the RIS rail on the side, and sight it in for a different range, so youíll be zeroed for CQB and cross-field sniper shots!

Key Features:

- Solid metal construction
- Two RIS rails
- Mounts to dovetail; offers RIS rails
- Raises scope for proper use
- Mounts securely

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