Gen4 Box Magazine With Nautilus Drive
Gen4 Box Magazine With Nautilus Drive

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The Gen4 (Roundhead) Box Magazine is discontinued and no longer available.  Replacement parts for most components are available for existing units, however we no longer have critical components and cannot provide all parts required to refurbish existing or new units.

The RAP4 Box Magazine holds 250 paintballs, with the Nautilus Drive™ providing positive force-feeding at all cyclic rates that is engineered to be gentle enough for even the most brittle paint. This balance is carefully achieved using a patented design you won't find anywhere else. Easy to clean, easy to swap in and out, the Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive™ is your perfect solution for bulk paint feeding with the reliability of force-feed technology.

Use the Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive™ to simulate the M249 SAW's hi-cap ammunition box. Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW) have polymer ammunition boxes that hold upwards of 200+ rounds...and now, you can outfit your T68 or other RAP4 magazine –compatible marker to have that realistic level of onboard ammunition!

The Box Magazine is engineered to work with two 9volt batteries, but can work on only one in a pinch. Use two RAP4 Rechargeable 9volt Batteries with their 200mAh rating for maximum shots per recharge, and you’ll be able to sustain strings of paint you never thought possible. The onboard charging station even makes it easy to recharge those batteries the night before the big game!

Run heavy with the Box Magazine with Nautilus Drive™ installed on your SOCOM-configured T68, or just enjoy the convenience of having that much paint available for each and every trigger cycle. With the Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion kit for your Tippmann, BT, or US Army marker, you can use the Box Magazine with those marker styles too! You'll run out of opponents before you run out of shots...and if you need more, refill it from a pod and get right back in the game.

 RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

- Compatible with T68 and 468 with standard mag well
- Compatible with Tacamo Markers with standard mag well

Key Features:

- 250 paintball capacity
- Fast, consistent loading for rapid firing modes
- Dual side reloading
- High speed loading with Nautilus Drive™
- Integral recharge station
- Takes two (2) 9volt batteries
- Can operate on only one (1) 9volt battery in a pinch
- Easy to clean and maintain
- 1 year warranty

Dimensions: Height- 7 ¼”x Width- 7”x-Depth-4 ¼”