M4/M16 Magazine for Tippmann® A-5® (Classic A5)
M4/M16 Magazine for Tippmann® A-5® (Classic A5)

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Tippmann A5 M4 Magazine

The M4/M16 Magazine for your Tippmann A5 is a fantastic accessory for building your marker up to resemble an M4 carbine or other variant of the M16 family. Built for strength and durability, this faux magazine and magwell attaches directly to your A5 for maximum security and the most realistic appearance possible. The curved mag body is styled just like the real deal, to help get you into the game with equipment that is truly as real as it gets!

*This magazine kit will fit Tippmann A5 markers that were sold from 2011 onwards

*If you purchased your Tippmann A5 before 2011, you will need the OLD version (more info)

Key Features Include:

- Durable construction to survive years of hard use

- Gives support hand a stable gripping surface

- Enhances balance as well as aesthetics

- This item will only fit Tippmann A5 purchased before 2011

SOCOM M4 Magazine for Tippmann® A-5®
SOCOM M4 Magazine for Tippmann® A-5®

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This durable faux magazine is designed to replicate a 20 round M16-family magazine, so you can build your Tippmann A5 up into a realistic version of an M4 or other M16 variant. The SOCOM designation is a nod to the use of 20 round magazines with some SOCOM M16 variants, reproduced here to give you a light, short, mil-sim magazine that completes your gear’s custom look!

 Key Features Include:

- Durable construction
- Magwell completes the look
- Easily installed on your A5

Compatible with both new and classic A5