Tacamo MK5 Internal Air Installation

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Installation steps:

1) Remove pins from marker body
2) Disconnect air line & remove grip
3) Remove screws from marker & separate halves
4) Disassemble internals:
  A) Remove linkage arm
  B) Remove hammer
  C) Disconnect air line from tombstone
5) Remove power tube internals
6) Disassmble power tube valve
7) Reassemble power tube:
  A) Install internals into new power tube valve
  B) Install new valve into new power tube
8) Reinstall internals:
  A) Install tombstone plug
  B) Install power tube to marker body
  C) Reinstall hammer
  D) Install new air tube
9) Install new linkage arm
10) Reinstall body half and fasten body screws
11) Install guide pin, spring, & o-ring to hammer
12) Install new end cap
13) Reinstall grip & pins to marker body

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