Lok-Bolt: Chop is a thing of the past

lok bolt chop is the thing of the past

RAP4 is proud to announce that chops are a thing of the past. We have exclusive technology that completely eliminates chopping, no matter your cyclic rate—even in full auto—and no matter what angle you hold your gun. That technology is the Lok Bolt, which we put in every 468 and offer as an upgrade to all of our MKP MagFed Conversion Kits.

The Lok Bolt uses a simple, purely mechanical approach to ensuring that every projectile you shoot makes it safely out of your chamber and into your barrel…and downrange straight at your target.

RAP4’s lead designer, Omar Macy, provides a look inside this crucial technology in this video

At some point, you’ve stopped shooting paint and started shooting splooge and shell fragments. That’s not a very effective way to overcome your opponents, and means that somewhere inside your gun is a sticky, game-stopping mess. Sometimes that happens in the barrel, and is called a “barrel break.” Those messes are bad, but you can clear them with a squeegee. They happen when you over-pressurize the ball due to a velocity spike, an abnormally large or humidity-swollen ball, or because debris fell into your barrel. Clean it, and move on.

But when that goo is all over your chamber? That’s the tell-tale sign of a chop, which happens when your bolt closes on a partially-seated, or mal-formed, or humidity-swollen paintball. Rather than hopping into your barrel, the partially seated ball gets crushed by your bolt, and you’re immediately out of the action until you can thoroughly clean the chamber. The over-sized and swollen paint, like your paint becomes after too long at camp during hot summer games, might fool the electronic “eyes” on a high-tech gun...but won’t make it out of your gun before bursting all over its internal spaces. It happens in woodsball, in mil-sim, even in tournaments…

…so companies have created high-dollar, high-tech solutions to prevent chops. Those are cute. And they work most of the time, so long as your batteries work, and so long as you don’t knock the wires loose.

Our solution is better, and specifically designed for the realistic guns used in the most realistic games. The RAP4 Lok Bolt is an all-mechanical, refreshingly simple, battery-free, sensor-free, fool-proof solution that makes chopping a thing of the past. Sound like a big claim?

It is. See for yourself in Omar’s video. The genius in the design is that the Lok Bolt physically restrains your bolt from crushing the paint until a perfectly round, properly formed (not humidity-swollen) paintball is seated in the chamber. And with our MagFed design, where our RAP4 Mags and DMags hold the paint under constant spring pressure, that ball will be pushed into the chamber and held there securely no matter your rate or fire or the angle at which you hold your gun.

That’s engineered reliability that you can rely on. There’s no such thing as chopping with real firearms, and now, there’s no such thing as chopping with the Lok Bolt!

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

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