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RAP4 wants you to be well armed, well taken care of...and absolutely confident in your gear. That's why we make all of our DMags with pride right here in the United States, using a patent design that is a marvel of simplicity. And to make sure you have enough of them when you need fresh magazines most, we've put together some 10-mag packages for you...at about the cost of two of our competitors' magazines. Read complete article

NEW RAP4 Posters

RAP4 Vixen PosterReal Action Paintball is proud to help you show off your paintball style with ten exciting new posters, each featuring different cutting-edge RAP4 gear. Wrap your mind around the pure adrenaline of the RAP4 Spartan poster, and wrap your walls with the beauties on the Joan of Arc, Kalash, Shemagh, Deagle, Vixen, and Bombshell posters.  Read complete story.

NEW USMG Tactical Gear

RAP4 is the leading innovator of specialized gear for scenario paintball, force-on-force training, and tactical gaming...and we're proud to introduce you to our extensive line of U.S. Military Gear (USMG) products. We carry a full line of USMG's tactical softgoods with MOLLE -interface, battle-tough construction, built to real-world specifications...as well as rifle cases, armor chassis, tactical pads, operator gloves, and much, much more. Read complete story.

RAP4 Heavy Machine Guns

Real Action Paintball is your source for the heaviest-hitting gear in paintball. When you absolutely, positively, must destroy your opposition's morale along with their numbers, you need to take the field with the RAP4 M249, M60, M240, or the battlefield classic Browning .30 Machine Gun. Read complete story..

NEW 2011 RAP4 Tactical MOLLE Paintball Vests
Paintball Vest (Digital Camo) Regular NEW RAP4 Tactical MOLLE Paintball Vests for Airsoft, paintball and Tactical training. The new MOLLE Tactical Paintball Vests can be organized to accommodate paintball pods, standard AR magazine, standard MP5 magazine, all sizes of CO2 cylinders and air tanks (HPA). The vest pouches are interchangeable and can be very easily configured to the user's requirements. The Tactical MOLLE Vest is designed with the MOLLE webbing system for better security for your pouches. The MOLLE webbing system is a multi-position hook system that enables you to attach the MOLLE pouches in the position of your choice.  Read complete story.

RAP4 Combat Paintball Pistols
The RAP4 Combat Paintball Pistols come in traditional black, or with a tan or military green frame - even blue. Each paintball pistol has an accessory rail molded into the dustcover, so you can mount your tactical light, laser, or other standard picatinny rail accessory. Holsters are available in any camo pattern you need, and mount to your thigh right where your hand drops for the smoothest, fastest draw available. Read complete story.

T68 M4 Firestorm Select-Fire Full Auto
T68 M4 FirestormReal Action Paintball is proud to introduce the T68 M4 Firestorm, a select-fire electronic marker that preserves the ergonomics, aesthetics, and balance of the M4 Carbine battle rifle. M4 Carbine around the proven T68 receiver. The Firestorm Trigger Group is an electronic grip frame that preserves the aesthetics of the M4 - no double finger triggers here - while giving you select fire capabilities: true semi-auto, 3 Round Burst, and Full Auto. Read complete story.

RAP4 Mines And Grenades
When you need dirty deeds done in style, you need our full line of compressed air powered simulated mines and booby trap-ready grenades. These special-purpose tools will eliminate your opponents in altogether new ways that will leave them nervous to get anywhere near your end of the field. Whatever your scenario, RAP4 has a mine, booby trap, and grenade option just ready...Read complete story.

RAP4 Products in Action Medic Training at Fort Bragg NC
US Army Combat Lifesavers - the medics who provide first response treatment to soldiers and civilians wounded during combat. As tough as it is to train for actual combat, it's even harder to train in the heroic art of providing medical attention in the middle of a firefight. RAP4's industry-leading equipment, in wide use by military and police forces, makes that training come to life. Read complete story.

T68 UDSF Sniper Paintball Guns 

T68 UDSF Paintball GunThe new T68 UDSF Sniper Paintball Gun and upgrade kits. The T68 UDSF is designed for both sniper-style play and fast action CQB games. These new markers and kits are designed with the most realistic looks...and the hottest features so you can look your best while playing at the top of your game. More about the T68 UDSF.

Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers (RPG)  

Rocket Propelled Paintball Grenade Launcher (RPG)The NEW Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers (RPG) for scenario paintball and Airsoft! The new grenade launcher add whole new elements and dimensions to scenario gaming and Airsoft, enabling even more realistic challenges--now you can take out a tank or bunker with dedicated, accurate, realistic equipment!. More about the RPG.

RAP4 U.S. Special Forces Throat Mic  

Cobra Radio Throat MicRAP4 U.S. Special Forces Throat Mic brings unsurpassed clarity, ruggedness and affordability to law enforcement, military, paintball and active sports. Designed for comfort, this communications system delivers outstanding sound quality and discreet interaction, making it mission essential. More about the Throat Mic.

US Army Training with RAP4 METS 
RAP4 METS are ideal training tools to teach soldiers what they did wrong and how to do better with greater safety and more training options than live-fire. The RAP4 METS system is currently being used by elements of the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and many other governmental departments and
agencies. More about military training

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