Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - Force-on-Force Training

K1 Trainining paintball gun

Modern Combat Manufactured is proud to introduce the MCM K1 paint marker for tactical simulation and force-on-force training. The first training marker designed to replicate the unique ergonomics and handling of personal defense weapons and other bullpup platforms, the MCM K1 is a true leader in combat arms simulation.

The design is heavily influenced by the FN-Herstal P90 personal defense weapon, in ergonomics and heft as well as aesthetics and function. The K1 holds 43 spherical marking pellets - paintballs, non-marking water balls, or specialty .68 caliber munitions - the magazine mounted in line with the bore axis, just above the barrel. The magazine ensures that a round remains in the chamber at all times, ready to go at the pull of the trigger. It also eliminates ammunition rattle, unlike loose-round bulk hoppers on traditional paintball guns.

With the action behind the trigger, the MCM K1 utilizes a true bullpup configuration. Operators can avail themselves of a regular length, accuracy-optimized barrel that only extends a few inches past the integrated foregrip for their support hand. This makes the MCM K1 compact, allowing you to operate in tight spaces, remain hunkered down close to cover even while slicing pie around corners, and bring the K1 to bear lightning-fast in cramped spaces such as vehicles and narrow passageways. All of the functional benefits of a PDW are present in the MCM K1.

The air canister powering the MCM K1 is hidden inside of the stock. The refillable bottle holds 8 cubic inches of compressed air, which will power approximately four magazines between refills. When that's not enough firepower, say, for tactical simulations where an MCM K1 is impressed into service as a squad automatic weapon or used to simulate a field machinegun, the standard magazine can be quickly swapped out for a 144 round magazine and a high capacity air tank can hook up to the MCM K1 via an integral ASA on the underside of the stock.

Four standard tactical rails provide the attachment points you need for optics, lasers, lights, and other mission-essential gear. The upper rail is even elevated to put your optic at the perfect height when you bring the MCM K1 to bear.

In its streamlined presentation, the MCM K1 perfectly fills the role of a personal defense arm...with the accuracy, range, and multi-fire-mode firepower required to make your training realistic and useful. With paint marking rounds or non-marking water rounds, it enables you to conduct force-on-force tactical training in borrowed facilities for real-world operational challenges.

For the ultimate PDW simulation training arm, look no further than the Modern Combat Manufactured K1.

Modern Combat Manufactured - Combat Simulation for the 21st Century.

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