OEW4 - Operation End War 4

We're custom-building the most realistic paintball scenario game ever written. There will be no hoppers, tournament setups, or any other type of "standard" paintball gear...just the realistic equipment and clothes you need to live the adventure. "Operation: End War" will only allow those paintball markers that look, feel, and function like an actual firearm. We want to make this paintball experience "As Real as it Gets" for the players.

The missions are inspired by real world scenarios faced by America's heroes right now. We have patrol missions, recovery missions, recon missions, and many more unfolding over the course of the two day event, and they're all interrelated and important to the overall game. Special equipment that will truly make this a unique event will include rocket launchers, land mines, and plenty of other nasty MilSim surprises. This will be a pro-level event for MilSim buffs and scenario warriors alike.

So if you're tired of the same old spray and pray scenario game, step up to the plate and take your game to the next level...to "Operation: End War," where scenario paintball is truly "As Real as it Gets!"

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